Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kuching Trip: Kyanime 2012, Awesome Food, Friends and Cat Muzium

 Yes, yes. Long overdue, I know.

But I'm not forgetting it.
 Upon reaching Kuching, first mission.
 AJ's cat.
This cat has serious personality disorder, it pants and play like a dog.
 Then we can has kon lo meeeeeeeeeeee

Kyan!me Event.

Chu performing.


They didn;t finish selling these last year so I thought of getting them =)

Seems legit.
Went as Chun-Li on last day of Kyan!me.

Chun-li in Kimono.
We rent these from the Kuching Japanese Club booth.

Awesome MCs, Abigail and Naza

 Chill outs.


The best cendol I ever tasted. at Carpenter street

Big portion is.... BIG.

Cat Muzium.

Muay stuff again.

Bought this, love it.

I didn't write much, I let the pictures to the talking. My trip and my love for Kuching is summarized in this video:

 Also made my post on gym/fitness studio visits at my fitness blog do check it out.

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